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4 Reasons Why You Need Irrigation

Keeping lush grass and healthy trees, shrubs, and other vegetation is challenging, especially if the weather and temperature change often. Proper irrigation is a critical component in guaranteeing the health of your landscape. An automatic subsurface sprinkler system is the simplest and safest approach to maintaining optimum landscape irrigation. See how helpful a system is for North Carolina lawns by reading about the top 5 benefits of a high-quality automatic underground sprinkler system!

1) Watering schedules take time and are difficult to maintain.

According to a new American Time Use Survey, the average American spends more than 70 hours a year taking care of their lawn. Many homeowners and commercial property owners spend a significant amount of that time setting up basic sprinkler systems, turning on the water, moving the sprinkler repeatedly around the lawn, and then packing it all up. This repetitive cycle can wear out both homeowners and property managers.

What is the remedy for the issue of watering burnout? An automatic sprinkler system installed by G&G Landscape Solutions!

2) Prevent over or under-watering

When watering your yard or commercial property, numerous factors are at play, making it challenging to predict how much water each section of your land requires. Where, for instance, does water naturally drain? Does it go directly down a slope toward your foundation or does it pool? What kind of soil is below the surface—absorbent topsoil, clay, or rocky conditions? What types of plants and big trees with water-hungry roots do you have in the different parts of your yard?

Modern irrigation systems mitigate these concerns by watering one zone at a time. Additionally, since each region of your property could have different irrigation requirements, it is simple to design various zones to provide each grass area with precisely the necessary amount of water required for the vegetation inside that zone. Imagine your land being free of both the wet, overwatered sections and the dry, lifeless areas. Based on the makeup of the different watering zones, your entire yard will receive just the proper quantity of hydration.

3) Budget and environment-friendly

Modern sprinkler systems use cutting-edge technology that makes wasting water (and money on exorbitant water bills) a thing of the past. Smart irrigation system controllers closely monitor how much water each zone of your yard receives.

4) Boost the Value In Case of Sale

There are two ways an automated underground watering system can raise the value of your house or commercial property. First, outstanding curb appeal depends on a nicely kept landscape. When prospective buyers visit your property, they get a terrific first impression from the lush grass and healthy plants.

Second, when prospective buyers are thinking about the features of your property, a professionally built automated sprinkler system with an intelligent controller is a unique selling point. It’s a financial benefit they might not have known they wanted, and it’s a feature that could persuade a buyer to make a higher offer!

Give the irrigation experts at G&G Landscape Solutions a call if the advantages of a professionally installed automatic subsurface sprinkler system have caught your attention. We will be happy to explain the ins and outs of a new sprinkler system, what is involved, and how much it will cost to install a system specifically made for your property.

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