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5 Tips to Improve Your University Landscape

College is demanding. Students need areas to decompress between projects, exams, and juggling financial aid. And campus landscaping should be impressive. Here are the first two of five ways your university’s landscape could wow your current and future students.

1. Multi-Purposed Outdoor Areas

Students need inviting spaces where they can relax, study, hang out, have a cappuccino, and meet up with friends. Yoga sessions and outdoor poetry readings are just a couple of the great things that go in between studies or on the quad. When designing areas for students, think about relaxing chairs, shady plants for solitude, open space for activities, and trees for shade.

2. Initial perceptions

The beautiful green landscape at a university or college creates a positive first (and lasting) impression. That’s why irrigation is a must-have for college and university campuses. Additionally, decorative signage or memorials is a great way to accentuate the culture at each school. Think of layering plantings with distinctive and memorable decorative grasses embellished with hardy local flora that can withstand seasonal change.

3. Color. Color. Color.

While annual flats are a mainstay of university landscaping, don’t stop there. The campus comes alive and vibrant with the happy arrival of bright spring flowers like tulips and daffodils. They perform best once major college events like graduation get underway.

4. Landscape Design for Education

Trees, shrubs, and perennials should be available for students to employ in their studies at universities with landscape and horticulture departments. For instance, students can examine which trees, shrubs, and perennials are outside for classes. As an example, culinary students can take advantage of on-site gardens to become accustomed to gardening and identifying herbs. Overall, universities can have attractive landscaping that is also useful for teaching.

5. Landscape Design for Education

Everybody wants to be proud of their university, and great landscaping bolsters school pride. From students to alums to donors, landscaping your logo in high visibility color-appropriate designs is a memorable installment and differentiator.

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Great landscaping is essential when competing for students, aiming for sustainability, and building school pride. Call us to learn more about our experience with university landscaping and how we can help you improve your student body experience!

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