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Five Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Landscape Design Company 

Whether taking on a residential or commercial landscape project, the decision to enlist the services of a professional landscape design company can significantly impact the outcome of your outdoor spaces.  

Additionally, opting for a full-service landscape design company offers a range of advantages versus hiring independent contractors or one-off companies to tackle individual components of your project.  

In the following blog, we explore the benefits of working with full-service landscape design consultants who are dedicated to bringing your landscape vision to life from its initial design to installation to ongoing maintenance. 

Why You Should Work With a Full-Service Landscape Design Company 

To the inexperienced eye, landscaping may seem as simple as putting plants in the ground and adding a structure here and there. However, anyone who has tackled a landscaping project before will understand that great landscaping requires an experienced, professional strategy.  

There are many companies out there that specialize in specific landscaping areas, but finding a full-service landscape design company can make all the difference in your landscaping project.  

Before you start your next landscaping project, consider these five benefits of working with a full-service landscape design company. 

A front yard with bushes and shrubs in front of a house, designed by a landscape design company

1. Comprehensive Expertise 

Full-service landscape design firms provide comprehensive expertise across multiple aspects of landscaping; from initial concept development and design to installation, irrigation, and ongoing maintenance.  

Their teams typically comprise landscape architects, horticulturists, arborists, and skilled landscape professionals, ensuring every aspect of your project receives attention from experts in their fields. When this team is housed within one firm, the combined depth of knowledge and ability to work together seamlessly enables the team to address challenges and execute complex landscape projects efficiently, cohesively and with precision. 


Imagine that you want to transform your backyard into a serene oasis complete with lush greenery, water features, and sustainable landscape elements.  

A full-service firm would not only conceptualize the design but also handle the intricate details involved with properly installing irrigation and drainage, selecting plants to complete your vision, and ensuring a harmonious look and feel to the finished project. 

A man is working on a sidewalk in front of a house.

2. Streamlined Project Management 

Collaborating with a full-service landscape design company will aid in streamlining your entire project. From obtaining necessary permits to coordinating subcontractors and adhering to timelines, a full-service firm will assume responsibility for every facet of your project.  

This holistic approach minimizes potential delays, enhances efficiency, and alleviates the burden of overseeing various contractors independently. 


Suppose you aspire to elevate the landscaping around your commercial property to enhance its curb appeal and create inviting outdoor spaces for customers and employees.  

By engaging a full-service firm, you benefit from a dedicated project manager who will oversee the entire endeavor, ensure your vision comes to life, and seamlessly coordinate between different teams to guarantee timely completion of your project. 

An outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and grill.

3. Access to Quality Materials and Resources 

Full-service landscape design companies often have established relationships with reputable suppliers and access to premium materials and resources.  

Whether sourcing native plants, premium hardscaping materials, or state-of-the-art irrigation systems, these firms prioritize quality, affordability, and reliability in their selections. By leveraging their industry connections, clients gain access to an extensive array of options that align with their aesthetic preferences and budgetary considerations. 


Envision embarking on a residential landscaping project that incorporates eco-friendly features and materials to minimize environmental impact. A full-service firm would leverage its network to procure sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood for decking or permeable pavers for driveways, ensuring that your outdoor space reflects your commitment to environmental stewardship.  

They would also have the local knowledge to understand what native plants would thrive in your area and have the means to source them locally and efficiently.   

A patio with a grill, table and chairs.

4. Customized Design Solutions 

One of the most compelling advantages of collaborating with a full-service landscape design company is the opportunity to receive tailored design solutions that cater to your unique requirements and vision.  

These firms prioritize client collaboration and conduct thorough site assessments to understand the topography, climate, and architectural context of the space. Armed with this insight, they craft customized designs that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment while reflecting their client’s lifestyle preferences and functional needs. 


Consider a residential property characterized by sloping terrain and panoramic views. A full-service firm would leverage its expertise in grading and contouring to design terraced gardens that maximize usable space and capitalize on scenic vistas.  

By integrating elements such as retaining walls, cascading water features, and strategically placed vegetation, they would utilize their full-serve team of industry experts to create a visually stunning landscape that enhances your property’s allure and functionality, all the while being mindful of efficiencies across their team.   

View our portfolio for examples of these landscaping elements and more.  

A man with a shovel digging a hole in the ground.

5. Ongoing Maintenance and Support 

Beyond the completion of the initial installation, full-service landscape design companies offer ongoing landscape maintenance and support services to preserve the integrity and vitality of the landscape.  

Whether seasonal pruning, fertilization, or irrigation system maintenance, these firms employ trained professionals who possess the expertise to nurture and sustain your outdoor environment over the long term.  


Picture investing in a comprehensive backyard landscape project on a large lot that may require ongoing maintenance over time.  

In addition to creating the initial space, a full-service landscape partner would offer tailored maintenance packages to keep the landscape pristine and inviting throughout the year and offer insights on additional needs that may enhance the space as it matures. 

A backyard with a fire pit and patio furniture.

Enlisting the Help of a Full-Service Landscape Design Company 

Partnering with a full-service landscape design company offers an array of benefits that extend beyond convenience.  

From comprehensive expertise and streamlined project management to access to quality materials, customized design solutions, and ongoing maintenance support, these firms serve as trusted partners in transforming outdoor spaces into captivating retreats.   

When considering your landscape design plans for either your residential or commercial space in the coming year, we invite you to work with our outdoor living consultants at G&G Landscape Solutions.  

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Our expert landscape designers are dedicated to bringing your landscape vision to life from initial installation to ongoing maintenance of your elevated outdoor environment. 

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