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Four Plants to Include for Color in Your Commercial Winter Landscape

Commercial clients favor foresight, and there is no better way to demonstrate your capacity for forward-thinking than to give your commercial landscape a pop of color. The stars of a winter landscape are vivid berries, unusual bark, and distinctive foliage color. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

1) Red twig dogwood cornus sericea ‘Arctic Fire’ is a small cultivar with brilliant red stems in the winter. The maximum height of this extremely adaptable shrub is around 4 feet. It works well as a garden border or in large quantities. Bonus: Chopped branches give holiday bouquets a dramatic boost of height and color!

2) Beautyberry is an arborescent shrub with an arching form that is endemic to the Southeast United States. Once established, this plant requires little maintenance because it tolerates damp soil and full light. The star of the show is the clusters of shiny purple berries, which also serve as a source of food for birds.

3) Not that cedrus deodara isn’t a sight throughout the year, but the winter months are when it really shines! Bright needles and a beautiful weeping form give a gray winter landscape height and color. These conifers can withstand dryness and offer a variety of birds with the perfect nesting locations.

4) Winterberries are extremely adaptable landscape plants since there are several types, and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. These bushes are resistant to disease and insects and do well in damp soils. Winterberry is well known for its bright red, bird-friendly berries growing along the stems all winter.

To learn more about the right plants to add that pop of color to your winter landscape, reach out to G&G Landscape Solutions today!

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