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Ideas for Your Luxury Winter Landscape

Winter is a season of cheer and familial joy, where we hunker down and appreciate our connections and comforts. As your plant life enters hibernation, things might not be nearly as cozy and cheerful for your garden and luxury landscape. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1) All weather hardscapes

Your landscape is only one component of your property’s overall appearance, with the hardscaping around your property being the other crucial element. Adding hardscapes to your property is essential in differentiating your backyard experience. Walkways, which connect different parts of your landscape, may be designed to be reasonably practical. Similarly, a new patio may be great for entertaining once the weather warms up.

2) Early Winter: Leaf Removal

Fall leaves start to fall from the trees and cover your yard when the temperature decreases. Although it becomes less relevant as winter progresses, uncontrolled leaves can become a landscaping problem. Allowing leaves to accumulate on your lawn is not only unsightly but is also bad for the soil and turf. Work with G&G Landscape Solutions before winter arrives to get your leaves removed and avoid the tiresome task of manually raking and bagging leaves.

Waterfalls, fountains, and streams are some popular hardscape elements, and their designs range from complex to straightforward. Some of the most advanced designs incorporate a large water element to seamlessly blend the experience of dry and wet hardscapes.

3) Berries and Bark

Over the winter, you will inevitably lean less on vibrant plant blossoms to breathe life into your environment. The emphasis should switch to more winter-appropriate approaches to enhancing visual appeal. Berries, which are specific to the season, are where you may discover color and intrigue. Additionally, the bark becomes more noticeable, and many kinds of trees and shrubs have eye-catching colors and patterns that might draw in visitors.

If you find you are running out of time to properly care for your landscape, you can trust G&G Landscape Solutions to provide the care you are looking for at the cost you love.

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