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Irrigation Winterization & Other Considerations for your Commercial Property

Cooler weather often signals the end of the year’s harvests, when the garden, yard, and commercial common space are effectively abandoned until spring. However, we should prepare our commercial landscape infrastructure to weather the cold and prepare for the next season; we must take care of our irrigation and landscape when the weather gets colder.

The greatest threat of winter freezes in your commercial irrigation system comes from standing water. Blowing out the system is required in some parts of the nation when temperatures are frequently below freezing. Even if you rely on malleable hoses, their integrity is jeopardized by the freezing and thawing of residual water, potentially causing damage.

Other critical steps are:

  1. Turning off the water
  2. Opening any drains
  3. Allowing all the water to drain out

Even though you should double-check your irrigation systems at the beginning of the autumn, winterizing may be done at any time. You may even winterize your irrigation as early as Labor Day.

If you work with forward-thinking commercial landscape professionals, they may also suggest preparing other elements of your landscape design for the colder months. Additional considerations are:


Taking stock of your other outdoor accessories, such as furniture, statues, and birdbaths, is a wise idea. Make sure they are constructed of materials that can endure cold temperatures and periods of freezing rain. Moving them inside to a controlled environment or covering them from the elements is preferred if they are not.


Determining which plants are most susceptible to cold weather is critical to having a successful outdoor launch in the spring. You probably don’t need to worry too much if native plants make up most of your garden, but when temperatures drop, it will be necessary to take care of non-native species.

Winterizing your yard and property might be difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before. G&G Landscape Solutions creates and maintains luxurious landscapes for residential and commercial buildings.

Give us a call, and we’ll ensure a long life for your garden, public space, or business landscape.

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