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5 Landscape Design Trends to Implement in 2024

Step into the new year with the latest trends in landscape design, offering you a myriad of options to create outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re envisioning a serene haven in your backyard, or an outdoor space made for entertainment, this year is the opportune time to conceptualize your space and work with a professional landscape design company to enhance your existing surroundings.  

This blog explores some of the top landscape design trends for 2024, emphasizing the uniqueness of your home and the use of elevated landscaping to create your vision. We share how these landscaping trends can guide you in planning and crafting a stunning outdoor environment that will stand the test of time. 

A backyard with a wooden pergola and a fire pit.

Create Innovative Outdoor Spaces with a Specific Purpose 

When conceptualizing your outdoor space, explore the idea of designing dedicated spaces for relaxing, socializing, and entertaining. While not necessarily groundbreaking, certain enduring trends remain highly popular, such as the allure of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, the charm of outdoor living rooms with ample couches and low tables, and the practicality of versatile spaces that effortlessly transform into inviting patio seating and dining areas for grilling and enjoying a meal with friends. 

Think of creating an outdoor living room as an extension of your indoor living space, offering the same comforts but with the added pleasure of being surrounded by nature.  

Key elements of a well-designed outdoor living room include: 

  • an ample patio space,  
  • plush and comfortable seating,  
  • strategically placed shade structures to ensure respite from the sun,  
  • purposeful zones for seating and dining,  
  • and the integration of beautiful plants and shrubs the make the space inviting and colorful.  

The trend for firepits and outdoor fireplaces also continues to grow, with unique elements such as two-sided fireplaces, stone facings, or the use of interesting materials and colors to create a focal point.  

As you picture your backyard oasis crafted for relaxation, entertainment, and social gatherings, also consider how your family utilizes your exterior areas and how you might create dedicated spaces for children and pets to play while adults relax or garden year-round. 

A group of sprinklers on a green lawn.

Install High-Tech Options and Consider Smart Landscaping 

The future of outdoor spaces continues to evolve with enhancements in smart landscapingspaces that are not only interactive, adaptive, resilient, and automated but also boast a touch of luxury.  

Beyond their technological innovation, these added landscape features offer a unique opportunity to save you money through enhanced efficiency. 

Technology and Landscape Design 

In 2024 and beyond, you’ll find a fascinating hybrid of traditional landscape design and cutting-edge technology. The emergence of smart landscaping signifies a harmonious integration of advanced technology to effectively manage and optimize your outdoor haven. This trend is fueled by the pursuit of heightened functionality, energy conservation, and an elevated aesthetic experience. 

As you look at ways to enhance your outdoor spaces in the coming year, consider the following options:  

  • automated irrigation systems that adapt to the weather,  
  • Wi-Fi enabled landscape lighting set on timers,  
  • automated lawn mowers,  
  • and discreetly integrated speakers that blend into your surrounding hardscaping, to name a few.  

While offering functionality, each of these features are designed with efficiency and user-friendly operation to make the care and upkeep of your outdoor spaces more manageable and enjoyable.  

Embracing the smart landscaping trend often involves the expertise of a professional who can collaborate with you to determine the optimal implementation in your yard, ensuring both functional and aesthetic harmony.  

A woman is holding a plant in a wooden box.

Include Edible Landscaping and Year-Round Gardens 

Edible landscaping is a concept that goes beyond traditional ornamental gardens by integrating edible plants into the overall landscape design. It transforms outdoor spaces into both visually appealing and productive areas, incorporating fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other edible plants seamlessly with decorative elements, such as vertical gardens or decorative pots.  

Edible landscapes are not just practical; they can be aesthetically pleasing too. By carefully designing the layout and combining edible plants with ornamental ones, you create a visually attractive garden that serves both functional and decorative purposes. 

Benefits of Landscaping with Nature in Mind 

Planting a year-round garden—whether it includes edible plants or not—not only offers practical benefits like sustainability, cost savings, and health but also enriches your connection with nature, provides educational opportunities for children and families, and benefits natural pollinators.  

The trend’s holistic approach enhances both the functionality and beauty of your outdoor space while fostering a deeper connection with nature. Tending to a year-round garden allows you to observe the seasonal cycles, learn about plant growth, and appreciate the natural rhythms of the environment. 

A modern home with a wooden walkway and plants.

Choosing Flowers & Plants that Compliment your Home’s Style and Color 

Creating inviting outdoor spaces involves more than just selecting plants; it’s about curating a landscape and spaces that seamlessly complement your home’s style and color. Imagine your outdoor space as an extension of your interior design, where every plant contributes to the overall aesthetic of your property. 

A rising trend in landscape design is the strategic use of colorful plants to accentuate your home’s exterior hues. Start by assessing your home’s surroundings and architecture.  

In rustic environments, opt for natural plants and grasses that blend harmoniously with the natural landscape. Vibrant greens, yellows and pinks can pop against darker-colored homes, while deep purples with softer blooming shades can create a stunning contrast against lighter-colored homes.  

For modern homes, consider incorporating spiky plants, cacti, or minimalist greenery that complements the sleek exterior. Modern landscaping can also include bold leaf colors, captivating textures, and large tropical blooms.  

Another trending idea is to embrace blocks of color and texture for a contemporary touch. You may also want to explore perennial mixes and seasonal blooms that bring vibrant colors and textures to different corners of your yard throughout the year.   

A beautiful front yard with bushes and shrubs.

Creating a Low Maintenance Yard with Plants and Hardscaping 

In the hustle of modern life, maintaining yards and gardens can be challenging. That’s why the trend for low-maintenance landscape design continues to reign, striking a balance between beautiful outdoor spaces and minimal upkeep.  

With busy schedules, people seek designs requiring less effort, featuring drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation. Choosing low-maintenance plants such as perennials, ground cover, or evergreens, along with hardscaping elements like gravel and stones, can simplify yard care.  

Depending on your planting zone, you may want to consider arborvitaes, weigela, hydrangea, roses or creeping phlox. You can also incorporate hardscaping elements such as gravel and river rocks, mulch, and stones to create visually appealing but low maintenance spaces throughout your yard.  

Opting for plants and designs that endure throughout seasons ensures a consistent, attractive space year-round, proving that low maintenance doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics. It’s a practical landscape design choice for those seeking nature’s beauty without the constant demands of care.   

A backyard pool with a slide and waterfall.

In Summary 

As you embark on your landscape design plans in 2024, we encourage you to envision a dynamic interplay of colors, textures, and seasonal progressions throughout your yard. Break free from conventional norms and let your outdoor space reflect your unique personality and the style of your home. 

With the right selection of plants, lighting and outdoor entertainment spaces, your landscape can become a living canvas that evolves and enchants throughout every season.   

When considering your landscape design plans for either your residential or commercial space in the coming year, we invite you to work with our design professionals at G&G Landscape Solutions.  

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