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Preparing Your Commercial Landscaping for Winter

If you are the owner or manager of a business property, you should start preparing for the forthcoming winter months in the autumn. Your landscaping may have trouble withstanding the impending winter weather and snowfall if it isn’t adequately maintained during the fall.

Your landscape may need so much repair that it detracts from your curb appeal. Consequently, once spring arrives, your landscape needs immediate assistance, which may not be readily available due to a seasonal uptick in demand. Considering this, here is some business landscaping advice for getting ready for winter:

1. Aerate

Aerate your soil to make it easier for water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach your soil’s roots. Additionally, aerating your soil will aid in reducing damage by keeping it from becoming overly compact, especially when covered with snow.

2. Fall is When You Plant

The beginning of the fall season is the ideal time to sow cool-season grasses. If at all feasible, plant grass seeds 45 days before the first frost. This is because the soil should still be warm at this stage from the summer, but the combination of the mild daytime temperatures and the chilly evenings should promote rapid germination.

3. Protect Your Yard

During autumn, the leaves on your trees will begin to fall on your grass, obstructing sunlight and thinning your lawn. Protect your yard by removing the leaves and keeping your yard mowed until winter arrives. It’s a good idea to cut your lawn a little shorter than normal at the end of the fall so it may receive more sunshine throughout the winter and will be less likely to suffer damage from frost and precipitation.

4. Winter and Fall Watering

Don’t just stop watering your lawn and plants because the weather has become colder. Your landscaping still needs water to be healthy. As a general guideline, water your landscaping up until it’s below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and there isn’t any snow on the ground.

5. Tree Fertilization is Due

Once spring arrives, you want your trees to seem as healthy as possible. Your trees will be more resistant to pests and illnesses during the winter and the following spring if you fertilize them in the late fall.

6. Consider Your Systems

You risk significant damage if you don’t blow out your irrigation system before winter. The need to blow out your irrigation system is because it will be more likely for the water still in your system’s faucets and pipes to freeze, which could lead to the pipes bursting. To prevent damage during freezing weather, blowing out your irrigation and sprinkler systems will assist in eliminating any water that may still be there.

7. Trim and plant perennials.

Many of your perennials won’t survive the winter well. After the first frost, they will likely develop pest and disease problems. Therefore, it is preferable to prune your perennials before the onset of winter. This will ensure that when springtime rolls around, they recover healthily. Additionally, the late fall is a great time to plant shrubs and perennials. By planting them now, you can look forward to a more colorful spring, boosting curb appeal when winter passes.

These commercial landscaping tips will help to ensure your commercial landscape successfully makes it through the winter. If you find you are running out of time to properly care for your commercial landscape, you can trust G&G Landscape Solutions to provide the care you are looking for at the cost you love.

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