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Winter is the Time for Hardscape Design

One of the most advantageous and priceless improvements one can make to their commercial landscape is hardscape design. Hardscape designs create gorgeous landscape settings for outdoor pleasure by fusing the organic components of your property with brick and concrete solutions. The greatest time for hardscape design is during the winter when the demand for landscapers and garden designers is low, and your employees are less likely to use your exterior spaces due to the weather.

1) Less Damage to Property

Hardscape design and construction may impact your natural environment. Hardscape uses bulky materials and ground and soil excavating to shape the space and design. A hardscape installation can seriously harm the surrounding landscape areas in the spring and summer. In the winter, however, your grass, plants, trees, and bushes are dormant, and it is easier to install designs with less damage.

2) Easier Scheduling

The slowest time for the landscape industry is in the winter. Your commercial hardscape project will be completed in your chosen timeframe since garden architects, masons, and landscapers have considerably more time for scheduling. Winter also gives the hardscape crew more time to focus on your property as they plan, design, talk about materials, and make last-minute adjustments, potentially saving you money as well.

3) More Use

By completing your hardscape in the winter months, your employees will be able to use your hardscape design come the new year. This also mitigates any extra mess or debris your clients and customers may see, resulting in a lovely outdoor aesthetic when the weather is favorable.

G&G Landscape Solutions offers many hardscape element solutions to help maximize your curb appeal, improve employee morale, and close more deals. Give us a call to get started!

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